Foods Recommended By Diet Experts

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Watching over what you eat could be one of the things that could help you check and control your weight. In this article, we focus on natural foods which can help you remain healthy.


Spinach is one of the leafy greens preferred by diet specialists because of its high fiber content. Spinach is also loaded with calcium and carotene which improves the immune system of the body. It also plays a leading role in improving one’s vision.


It is fresh, green and ranks high among vegetables that are rich in calcium, vitamin C and iron. Broccoli is good for the bones cold and enhances the circulatory system performance. It can be used on pizza and other meals.

It is recommended that you eat 4 calories of tomatoes per week. Tomatoes are the best known aphrodisiac and are necessary if you want to lead a healthy sexual life. The lycopene content is high making it the most powerful antioxidant that comes with pigments that gives it the red color. Tomatoes are also known to help protect one from developing prostate

Good Food Good Health Water

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Hello everyone

Recently I wrote an article on the danger of chemicals in carbonated drinks, and especially with children in mind. From this I had a great response, and questions arose to what else we should be drinking in what quantities to keep our health safe. I was surprised that many people were not even sure about the elixir of life – WATER.

I believe many people just do not know the importance of drinking enough water, whether it is tap or bottled, and are unable to tell the signs that are associated with just being slightly dehydrated, and this is especially true in children.

Younger children are often so involved with what ever they are doing, they can over look thirst yet know when they are hungry.

Did you know that a lack of water in your diet could lead to your child’s health suffering from illnesses such as headaches, infections and poor memory.

We all know a healthy diet is imperative to good health and thanks recently to the government and high profile people like chef Jamie Oliver, children’s diets

Eating Good Food That is Healthy For You

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Hands down, if there is one thing that can and will affect your overall health, it is what you put into your body on a daily basis. The foods we eat along with how much of them we eat and how we prepare them and such, is very connected to the overall health of our bodies. Most of the time, we simply take our health for granted, and we simply eat what we like and what we want, or what is available at the time without thinking much of the affects it can have on us later down the line, and that is why in this article, we are going to show you the benefits of eating good food, compared to the many health problems that are tied to eating unhealthy.

First and foremost, we have to be willing to stop thinking about using convenience as our primary guide for what we want to eat. You will find that eating whatever is quickest to prepare, or easiest to get a hold of is generally not the best or healthiest choice. Yes, sometimes it is perfectly fine

5 Simple Foods That Contain Lutein to Preserve

If you’re wondering how much lutein is in food, this article will give you the information that you’re looking for. Including the antioxidant in your daily diet is a good idea, especially to reduce your risk of age related eye diseases, such as macular degeneration. There may be other benefits, as well. So, here are the foods that are good sources, along with how much you would need to eat every day.

Recommendations for daily intake vary. No minimum daily requirements have been established. You will not see the nutrient listed on food packaging. But, judging from the scientific studies, 10-50mg per day is necessary to protect the long-term health of the eyes.

That’s not to say that people who don’t get that much have poor eyesight. No studies concerning that have been done. The studies that have been done focused primarily on macular degeneration and at least 10mg has been necessary to slow down the progression of the disease.

When we are talking about how much lutein is in food, we are talking about the average or approximate amount. The nutrient content of vegetables varies greatly. Organic vegetables appear to be the most nutrient

The Super Foods for Burning Fat

Everyone loves a curry or fast food or the occasional snack of chocolate, crisps and sweets however now is a good time to get your weight under control and because of this you should be taking steps to do just that. Some people enjoy exercise but the vast majority of people wont and for this reason most people will try dieting. Most people will fail because they are told to eat the wrong foods or are simply told to eat boring foods.

This article aims to tell you about foods that are not only tasty but they will also help you lose weight without any effort, so keep on reading.

Water – the miracle juice

Although technically not a food, water can and will help you lose weight. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water a day but realistically if you don’t want to be kept going back and for to the toilet then this isn’t achievable. However swapping your fizzy drinks to water in its self will help you save 200 calories a time, add to the fact that water flushes out your system and gets rid of all

The Food Lottery

Are you an average adult American? If so, then you consume 70 pounds of beef, 60 pounds of pork, and 550 pounds of dairy (love that ice cream). Americans feel safe eating because they know the foods they eat have been monitored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But, how safe is our food industry, really? Do the USDA and FDA really monitor our food for quality and safety? Is there anything to fear?

When I was contracted to write an article about foodborne illnesses (illnesses that come directly from eating food), I discovered that illness directly related to food come in all shapes and sizes. In 2005, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated there are more than 200 foodborne illnesses, from allergies to “stomach flu” to vomiting; the CDC have identified 30 pathogens associated with these foodborne illnesses, classified as bacteria, virus, chemical, parasitic, prions, antibiotic residues, genetic modifications, or unknown. In fact, the CDC estimated the average adult American consumes 10 pounds of additives each year, pathogens included!

And any one of these pathogens could cause or lead to illness, disability

Food Independence

With the 4th of July and the celebration of our nation’s independence now behind us, I thought it was appropriate to discuss a modern day revolution in the works. It is the revolution against corporate America’s control over our food. For the foodies, environmentalists, etc., reading this article, none of this will be new, but like the impending wide release of the film “Food Inc.” I am trying to reach a broader audience. Having completed Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food, this article may read more like a book review. Although much of the book did not provide a good deal of never before heard information, the author’s historical and sociological approach to explaining our past and how we got to today does a tremendous job in helping to understand the “why.” It is that understanding of “why” that I believe will inspire people to get off of the sideline and make the necessary changes to improve their overall health and well being through their food choices.

In his book, Michael Pollan explains that food production has changed more in the last 50 years than probably the last 10,000 years. One display of a nation’s superiority

5 Choices of Diet Foods and Tips to Control Diabetes

owadays people are more conscious of their health and much concerned about their body condition. When they are getting older they have to face with many health problems. The worst of all such problems is diabetes. In fact, diabetes is not a disease but a disorder of the body. In specific, a person is to become diabetic when his pancreas fails to function properly. The main purpose of this article is to make you get acquainted with the best choices of diet foods and tips to control diabetes.

There are many ways by which a diabetic can manage diabetes. Diet plays a significant role in controlling sugars in your body. So, it is emphasized to have a personalized healthy eating plan to suit your body condition. What is needed to your body should be arrived at by proper diagnosis. As obesity is the first enemy for a diabetic, weight adding foods should be listed out from the general food chart with you. A dietitian is the right person to fix the right diet foods to control diabetes.

Diet is not in itself a packaged bundle kept for sales by any pharmaceuticals but the food items can

The 10 Foods Recommended

Are in search of some reliable source that can tell you about the healthiest foods for diabetics? If yes then this article is the end of your long owned searches. Here you will find 10 healthiest foods recommended by American Diabetes Association.

These foods have been rightly termed super foods for diabetics.

Whole Grains: Diabetics seriously require the germ and bran of any whole grain. Generally available breads at bakeries are full of processed flour which does neither contain bran nor the germ. It is good to search for the least processed forms of grains for getting the best nutritional value.

Berries: Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are jam-packed with vitamin, fiber as well as antioxidants. The best treat is to have yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. The good thing is that berries are neither expensive nor they require preparation. Just wash and then toss it with any thing.

Leafy Vegetables: Dark green leafy vegetables are the healthiest choice for diabetics. Examples are spinach, broccoli, and kale. These are low in calories and high in their mineral content. These leafy vegetables must be made a staple ingredient of meal plan of diabetics.

Beans: Black

Food Recommended For Athletes

It is indeed quite difficult to put together a cohesive and a coherent nutritional plan. A balanced and a healthy diet is a must for all athletes.

The aim of an ideal nutritional plan should be to instill basic guidelines that can be followed throughout the athletic as well as the lifelong career.

In order to achieve what is called as ‘optimal performance’, it is essential to learn about the basic principles of a good nutrition and supplementation program.

This article presents a list of items that are recommended for athletes. But, before that, let me tell you the difference between a ‘good food’ and a ‘bad food’.

Have you ever given a thought to this difference? What is the so called ‘good food’ and more importantly, what constitutes a bad food?

A simple rule is to keep in mind that anything that has preservatives in it is bad! This is easy to understand.

Preservatives are added only when the supposed food is perishable and has a short shelf life. Preservatives like sodium benzoate etc. help to increase the shelf life of the food.

This means that the preserved food ingested

7 Easy Steps To Create Good Food Habits That Guarantee Quick Weight Loss

Are you interested in losing weight? If you are, are you in a hurry to do so? While it is advised that you do not rely heavily on fast weight loss, also referred to as rapid weight loss, there are many individuals who do, if you are interested in losing weight, as quickly as possible, you will want to continue reaching on.

Eat slowly and extend and the meal to give your brain time to signal satisfaction before your stomach is distended and you feel stuffed.

The second step toward creating good food habits that guarantee quick weight loss is “don’t eat as much as you can; eat as mush as you need”.

Don’t finish something just because it is there.

Food rituals that slow down the process of eating.

Don’t eat meals in front of the television set or computer, especially not snacks that you could eat great quantities of while distracted without even realizing it.

Do not eat while talking on the phone. Simple! If you disregard this steps you sure of not winning your weight loss war.

Good Food and Drinks When Trying to Conceive

In part 1 of “Good Food and Drinks When Trying to Conceive” we spoke about water, and how much water can have a positive or negative effect on your fertility and your pregnancy efforts. Now it’s time to talk a little bit about food, and how what we put into our bodies can affect us. Also what TO PUT in your body to maximize fertility.

Now just a word on vegetarian diets… If a woman is aware of her basic nutritional needs as discussed in this article, she should do just fine on a well-balanced vegetarian diet. By eating a wide variety of whole grains, legumes, dried fruit, lima beans and wheat germ, a woman should be able to get enough iron, zinc and other trace minerals to have a healthy body and a healthy pregnancy. Those on vegan diets may need to seek the advice of a health professional on taking supplements such as calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

What else goes into a healthy pre-conception diet?

Meat, fish, eggs, a variety of fruits and vegetables

Dairy food for calcium

Cereals (preferably non-sweetened), beans, whole grain bread

Limited starches such

Good Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight what you eat will make or break your results. Some people have trouble eating the same foods everyday, others it doesn’t bother them. Then others have to accommodate what they eat with their partners, choosing good foods to eat to lose weight will allow you to have a happier home and happy homes make it easier to lose weight.

There are three major food categories. Proteins, fats, and carbs.

The basic building blocks of your diet should be protein. Ideally you should strive for 1 – 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. This will be the foundation of your diet. Having a diet high in protein will allow you to provide the necessary nutrients required to rebuild muscle tissue after working out. More muscle means your body needs more energy and burns more calories. Here is a small list of quality lean proteins.

Chicken (without skin)
Turkey (without skin)
Lean cuts of beef
Lean cuts of pork
Lean cuts of lamb
Lean cuts of veal
Egg whites
Tuna fish

Each of these protein sources is a lean choice and are good foods

Good Food Good Health Fighting Colds

Hi everyone

If you read my last article on those beastly little cold viruses that plague us all, you will know that your best line of defence is keeping your immune system in tip top condition. Not just for fighting colds but for any infection or illness that our body encounters.

Colds are one of the most common reasons we have time off work through the winter period and hospital beds are tied up with cold and flu cases. Colds and flu viruses are the biggest single killer of the elderly over winter.

I really cannot stress how everybody should take our motto ‘good food good health’ of eating a nutritionally balanced diet to give your body the best fighting chance at beating off viruses and illness.

Although diet is the main factor in keeping your immune system up to scratch, other factors are equally important, I believe sleep is also so very important and that we should all look at our sleep patterns and make sure we get a good seven hours sleep a night. A good nights sleep increases the release of immune stimulating hormones.

Stress is another strong factor, as

Goods Food Storage

Storing canned food in the pantry can be tiresome for a lot of people. Because of the bulk, it consumes too much space in the kitchen. So why not create your own food storage cabinet to accommodate your canned good? This article gives you more idea on how to do it yourself.

The materials necessary in creating a food storage cabinet are 12 pieces of board wood, 48 pieces of stripped wood, 4 pieces of 2×4 wood boards. You would also need screws or nails, glue, and L brackets. You may need clamps, so it is best to prepare them. The materials listed above will be enough to create 12 shelves of food storage. You can adjust the number of your wood if you want to make the cabinet smaller.

Once ready with the materials, you need to decide on the size of your food storage cabinet or shelves. For instance, to make a 12 shelf storage, you need to have the 12 pieces of plywood mentioned. The 2×4 wood boards will act as the support of the shelves, and will be attached using the L bracket. Remember that the back-end of the shelf should be

Good Food Visualisation Therapy

Do you ever wonder how marvellous our brains are, or just take it for granted like every other organ in our body?

Visualisation therapy is something everyone can use to make them selves feel better and more positive about their health and lives, and we actually do it without knowing – in our dreams.

I believe a positive attitude is like good food for your brain of which our bodies feed off, just the same as ‘good food good health’ makes our bodies strong – a positive attitude keeps our minds strong.

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to always be feeling on top of the world, running their family life and holding down a career? Well these people have a positive attitude and see things clearly and balanced.

Then we see other people who go from one problem to another who are often very negative in their thoughts, and who always believe they are unlucky as it seems ‘bad’ things only ever happen to them.

The power of the mind is a powerful force, and we need to be able to put ourselves in the right ‘mind set’ to

Good Food Good Health Probiotics

At this time of year anything we can do to help our immune system such as taking probiotics goes a long way to keep us in good health, especially when our bodies are busy fighting off the colds and viruses that are virulent during winter.

As you probably know from reading previous articles I have written that I suffer from COPD, and through this I frequently have to take antibiotics to make sure that no further damage is done to my lungs when I contract colds and chest infections.

I am absolutely against taking antibiotics regularly, but my GP says that this is the lesser of the two evils.

Taking antibiotics kills some of the good bacteria in the gut along with whatever reason you are taking the medication for. So taking prebiotics helps to speed up my body’s natural process of producing bacterium and immunity to fight against other viruses.

Did you know that 70 per cent of our immune system is found in our gut, and that our gut is home to over 400 different strains of bacteria.

The bacteria in the gut, which colonises soon after birth from ingested milk,

Good Food Probiotics For Healthy Immune System

there were many studies on probiotics, where scientists warned that there were some products available that did not live up to promises on the labels. These warnings however did not apply to major brands such as Actimel, Vitality and Yakult.

There has also been other press recently, claiming that there is no proven benefit in consuming probiotics or prebiotics, but has always been followed up by others claiming there is.

I myself started taking probiotics after being advised to by health workers after having to take a couple of courses of antibiotics, one straight after the other.

Research has shown that they can indeed restore a healthy digestive system after being wiped out by the use of antibiotics, as to kill the bad bacteria – virus, the good bacteria is destroyed as well. The researchers say that the mechanism behind this is poorly understood.

A study carried out last year found that diarrhoea symptoms caused through use of antibiotics or from C. diff were stopped by consuming two pots a day.

Ongoing research has suggested that probiotics help in a range of health conditions such as protecting children against allergies, which nowadays is

Good Foods and Drinks When Trying to Conceive

Trust me I know…the last thing you want is another diet right now, but what you do want to know what are the good foods and drinks when trying to conceive. It is a very important matter that most women and couples miss out on in their ttc efforts, and it’s one that could have a drastic effect on your natural fertility and ability to easily conceive…or at all for that matter.

This article is only part one of a many part series so please do make sure to look through my other articles and read part 2, as there is much to discuss regarding food and drink during this time, and it can’t all be done in one article.

Let’s start with the most basic and important nutrient of all….


Need I say more about the need to drink LOTS of water every day? The startling fact is that most people go around slightly dehydrated much of the time. I thought it was very strange that I had to keep reminding my husband to take a drink of water when we were on long trips…otherwise, he just didn’t think about it! The

Good Foods and Drinks When Trying to Conceive

Trust me I know…the last thing you want is another diet right now, but what you do want to know what are the good foods and drinks when trying to conceive. It is a very important matter that most women and couples miss out on in their ttc efforts, and it’s one that could have a drastic effect on your natural fertility and ability to easily conceive…or at all for that matter.

This article is only part one of a many part series so please do make sure to look through my other articles and read part 2, as there is much to discuss regarding food and drink during this time, and it can’t all be done in one article.

Let’s start with the most basic and important nutrient of all….


Need I say more about the need to drink LOTS of water every day? The startling fact is that most people go around slightly dehydrated much of the time. I thought it was very strange that I had to keep reminding my husband to take a drink of water when we were on long trips…otherwise, he just didn’t think about it! The